Our Coalition Partners

The Affordable Housing Collaborative is a group of long-time Colorado Springs community leaders who’ve come together to educate us about our affordable housing crisis. To do so, they’ve created an information hub and a community education presentation. To learn more, or to get them to present to your community group or organization, check out their website.

The Colorado Springs Faith Table is an alliance of local faith leaders who’ve come together to work to create a more equitable city for all, particularly those on the margins.

The Innovations in Aging Collaborative is a non-profit that convenes our community to promote creative approaches that address the challenges and opportunities of aging. Among their many goals, they are committed to ensuring seniors are able to grow old in the homes and communities they know and love.

The Colorado Springs Area Labor Council is a democratically elected body dedicated to representing the interests of working people at the state and local level. They understand all too well how important affordable housing is to a stable workforce and prosperous community.

Formed in 1984, Westside CARES is an interfaith, nonprofit collaboration of 21 religious fellowships of the west side of El Paso County, united in care and compassion for those in need by providing crisis human services.

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